Garra Rufa Fish-Spa

Wellness for your feet

In the Garra Rufa Fish Spa you dip your feet into an aquarium with the reddish sucking barbs or canal fish. The treatment is equivalent to a micro-massage of the feet and lower legs, because the fish nibble off the dead skin cells and leave behind a soft, well-groomed skin. At the same time, they use their saliva to introduce an enzyme-containing secretion which makes your skin age more slowly.

A treatment with Garra Rufa fish is completely safe and painless. You only feel a slight tickle on your feet when the Garra Rufa fish "work".

Prices for the treatment:

15 min. 15,- EUR
20 min. 20,- EUR 
30 min. 25,- EUR

Please note: The duration of the treatment concerns the time spent with the legs in the fish tank. In addition, you should allow about 15 minutes to wash your feet, put on and take off your shoes, dry off, etc. The treatment should be carried out in the same time.

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